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Seasonal Afternoon Tea

A marvellous mixture of both savoury and sweet treats, hand baked at home in our lovely kitchen while we drink tea and listen to soothing music – it all helps with the bake you know. Our chef Sarah loves baking so much she will happily bake from dawn to dusk – just for you. We wanted to bring you something a bit different and change our afternoon tea menu with the seasons, how exciting!

Grab your favourites and schedule in an Afternoon Tea (just like Anna below), all you need to do is warm the teapot, chill the bubbles and fold the napkins.

An Afternoon Tea.
£19 per person.

Sun dried tomato and cheddar scones, cream cheese and chutney. V
Ricotta, spinach and nutmeg tarts. V
Sausage roll with wild garlic.

Lemon drizzle cake. V
Victoria sponge, raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream. V
Chocolate brownie selection. V
Scones, strawberry jam, clotted cream. V

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Nice one Anna, we get hangry too.
Taking afternoon tea can be traced back to the early 1800s, a period when dinner was served much later in the evening. Anna Russell, the seventh Duchess of Bedford, scheduled a time to take tea and enjoy a snack in the afternoon after becoming annoyed by hunger pains caused by only having two meals a day. We hear you Anna!